Selasa, 06 Oktober 2009

Auction Guide for First Time Bidders

When you are going to an auction for the first time, there are specific things that you should know :
  1. Obtain an auction brochure or catalogue. Do this at least a day before the auction date. This ensures that the goods for sale are what you need.
  2. From the auction catalogue, identify what you want. If it's a car, do your research on its current market value online. Once you know its value on the market, you can set your budget.
  3. At the day of the sale, phone in the auction house and confirm if the auction is going as scheduled as certain auctions can be subjected to last minute cancellations or rescheduling. Phoning in to confirm if the property or an item you are interested in is still on sale is something you should do before going to the auction house as well.
  4. Once you arrive at the auction house, register to obtain a bidding number. You will be asked for your name, address, and contact number and will be asked to pay a deposit or pay a certain amount for the registration fee.
  5. Come early. This allows you to inspect the auction goods properly before the bidding starts. An auction brochure may be helpful in providing information of the goods for sale; but physically inspecting the items before the sale allows you to determine if the goods are really worth any amount of your money. Do an ocular inspection, days before the scheduled auction if it is a piece of property.
  6. Each item is designated with a lot number for easy reference. Take note of these numbers when you are inspecting the goods. The same number will be called during the actual auction.
  7. Before the auction starts, the auctioneer will explain the rules. Listen attentively and keep your ears open for additional information on the goods up for bid.
  8. Once the auctioneer calls for the starting bid, the bidding process begins. Each item may be sold within seconds. Once the lot number you are interested in is called, be alert and stay focus. Do not bid an amount you cannot afford. Stay within your set budget. Most first time bidders get carried away and bid higher than what they have originally planned.
  9. If you have won an item, you will be asked to pay in partial or in full and to give your personal details the day of the auction.
Once it is all settled, you will be asked to sign an auction memorandum. The deal is done!.....

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